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Meerkat group information

What is the Meerkat Group?

Meerkat group is for children who we think will benefit from being in a small structured group.

They may be children who feel unsure about school or who need more adult support than can be given in class. Children sometimes find the school day too long, too hard or too much.

These children can seem quiet, noisy or lonely. They might be feeling unhappy or confused.


How can Meerkat Group help?

The children have the opportunity to develop 1-to-1 relationships with

Mrs. Cheffings. They will also build relationships with other children in the group. This helps with trust, sharing, turn taking and confidence building. They follow rules and routines but with extra help to encourage and reward good behavior and social skills.

They will have a lot of opportunities to practice getting along well with adults and other children.


When will my child be in Meerkat Group?    

Your child will be in the Meerkat Group for two sessions per week.


How can I find out how my child is getting on?

Parents, carers and school staff are welcome to visit the Meerkat Group