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Autumn 1

This term in Oak Class in English at the start of the term we looked at the poem ‘Bathroom Fiddler’ by Michael Rosen and wrote our own inspired poems called ‘Bedtime Dawdler’ thinking of all the things we do as a distraction so we don’t have to go to bed. Then we used the story ‘Little Red Reading Hood’ by Lucy Rowland and this time we wrote our own stories inspired by this book using different fairy tale characters. In maths we have looked at place value to 100 and addition and subtraction. In geography we have been learning about the continents and oceans and learnt a range of facts such as how many countries there are in the continents and the famous landmarks located there. In science we have been looked at the importance of being healthy and exercising, the different between what we need to survive and what we want, explored the different food categories in a balanced diet and drew a meal and the importance of food hygiene and made posters of how to wash your hands to go in the school bathrooms.  In RE we have been learning about who is a Muslim and what do Muslims believe. In PSHE we have been talking about our learning charter, our rights and responsibilities and the rewards and consequences we might face. In PE we have been working on linking movements in gymnastics and in games learning how to dodge when being an attacker or defender in games and in music enjoyed playing the glockenspiels and learning new songs as well as the songs and poems for Harvest festival. Our artist of the term was Matisse and we created our own versions of his snail collage art by creating our own colleges and our music genres have been Pop music in September and Jazz in October.