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Autumn 2

In Maple class this half term we have been doing lots of great things.  

In English we went for a walk in the wooded area of our school field to build animal shelters, find objects that were yellow or brown for our colour hunt and we searched for insects on our minibeast hunt.  We even came back in and had hot chocolate with a biscuit or marshmallows.  We than began to write a recount of our adventures using lots of descriptive language.

In Maths we have been concentrating on numbers to 10.  Adding and subtracting making number sentences using the correct numbers and symbols.  We have organised them logically into fact families and looked at lots of numbers that can be grouped together (doubles, number bonds etc).  We learned about 2D and 3D shapes, naming them and looking for them in our environment.  

In RE we learned about sacred places.  We discussed our favourite places for when we need to feel safe.  We went on to learn about the sacred places of Christians, Muslims and Jewish people.  We visited our local parish church and saw lots of artefacts that we had learned about as well as having a great tour and from Rev Rhoda, where we learned lots about the church and Christianity.

In D&T (Design and Technology)  we learned about structures and what makes them strong and stable.  We had lots of fun making walls and buildings out of Lego, bricks, straws and tubing.  We even made a swing using triangles as we learned this was a strong shape.

In PE we learned all about hand-eye co-ordination and how to throw underarm correctly.  We tried lots of different throwing and rolling games and learned about agility and how to move quickly and easily in games.

In Music we learned different songs and found the pulse of the music whilst learning to clap rhythms and beats.  We also learned all about different composers including Mozart and John Williams.

In History we learned about how children lived in 1930, 1950, 1970 and 1990.  We found out lots of funny things, like how children went to the toilet outside and how they didn't have the internet until 1990s!  We compared all of this to life in the 2020s and how similar and different it was.

We've had lots of fun making Christmas decorations and many Christmas activities.  We also worked really hard on our Christmas Performance of the Bossy King.  All in all a very busy and exciting half term.  Thank you for another great half term.