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Summer 1

This term in Maple Class we have been looking at history as our main focus and in particular the history of transport. We have sorted types of transport, have looked at photographs from Chesterfield in the past to discuss transport in the past, we have found out about the similarities and differences of transport in the past and present and have learnt about significant individuals linked to transport such as Christopher Columbus and Ellen MacArthur who travel on sea and George Stevenson and how he changed travelling on a railway. In English we have writing using the story ‘The Crows Tale’ and created our own stories inspired by the book of what happened next. Year 1 have been looking at fractions and finding half and quarters of objects and beginning to explore this with numbers. Year 2 finish fractions and then have been measuring length using cm and m. In RE Year 1 have been learning about what it means for Christians and Jewish people to belong to a faith community and Year 2 learnt about how and why Muslims celebrate special times. Our artist of the term was Joan Miro and we created surreal pictured using pen and paint inspired by his version. In PSHE we have been talking about relationships, about how we greet people, how we can make friends and who are the people that can help us in different situations. and how we can be healthy by thinking about what we eat and how we can relax. Our home corner had mystery objects from the past we which we had to draw and write about what we think they were used for.  Our curiosity crate was about St George and then about the Platinum Jubilee. In PE we have been learning how send and receive we started with balls and then moved on to javelins and finished using rackets and tennis balls. We finished off the term with a fabulous street party to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee and created a wonderful display. Another busy term!