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Spring 1 - Our Home

Another great half term in Red class! The theme this term has been ‘Our Homes’ and the children have enjoyed learning facts about where they live and the local environment. We have been little geographers and used maps to find our school and explore the area. In our home corner we have a house which the children have loved recreating their own imaginative role-play based on own first-hand experiences, along with an estate agent shop. In literacy we have been writing instructions to make our own house, following the instructions by using our phonics knowledge to read them and finally writing sentences about the houses we made. In maths we have been learning to compare numbers to 10 as well as combine two groups of numbers to 10 to find the whole, we have done this by using a 10 frame along with the part-whole model. The children have been very creative this term, looking at the different texture of houses and making brick patterns, creating boats and testing to see if they float, along with designing and making our own cardboard house. This term we have started our Fab Fridays which the children are loving! In red class we have been little scientists and created chocolate fossils, created fireworks in a jar and created some explosions outside using vinegar and baking soda, the children really enjoyed completing these experiments. In red class we have introduced the bedtime book bags which has worked really well and the children are enjoying reading their books over the weekends with a hot chocolate!

The children have really enjoyed RuggerEds coming in this term and teaching them hockey skills. As well as this the children developing their balancing skills on the balance bikes. We have had a fantastic trip showing our balancing skills off!

This half term ended with a fabulous BATS day. The children absolutely loved having their adults come into school and make their cardboard house with them. They turned out fantastic and the children are very proud of them.