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Autumn 2

Birch Class Autumn 2 - Curriculum Overview

What a fabulous term we have had in Birch Class. The children continue to produce some fantastic work, which makes me a very proud teacher.

In literacy we have been sequencing stories, predicting what will happen next, designing broomsticks, labelling pictures and producing story maps. We have read Room on The Broom, On The Way Home, Six Dinner Sid and The Snowman.

In maths we have looked at subitising, counting in order, grouping of numbers and finally how numbers are composed.

We have been learning all about toys in the past compared to toys in the present. The children really enjoyed playing with the toys from the past. They were fascinated by the spinning top and the kaleidoscope in particular. We also explored what are maps and why we use them. We looked at different kinds of maps and even had a go at producing our own maps.

In RE, we learnt about what happens in the Christian Nativity Story, The Jewish festival of Sukkot and the Hindu / Sikh festival of Diwali. The children really enjoyed making their own diva lamps for Diwali.

We have also continued working on our Personal, Social and Emotion development through circle times and stories. We’ve explored lots of different topics including; different types of families and comparing them to our own, different homes around the world and being able to stand up for ourselves.

In PE we have been learning about why it is important to have rules in a game and why we need to follow them. The children have really enjoyed all the different games we have played in our PE lessons.

In our music lessons, we have enjoyed listening to different styles of music such as pop and funk. Learnt to sing along to songs and find the beat / pulse in a song. Our artist of the term was Yayoi Kusama, who was one of the first artists to use polka dots in her work. The children produced some fantastic work inspired by Yayoi Kusama and her use of polka dots.

 In the last couple of weeks, the children have also had the opportunity to take part in our production of Wriggly Nativity, go and watch a pantomime, meet Santa and get a present – twice!