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Autumn 2 - Stomp in the Swamp

What another fantastic half term in Red Class. The theme this term has been ‘Stomp in the Swamp’ and we have been learning all about dinosaurs. The children had such good knowledge of dinosaurs and were able to share facts to the rest of the class. In show and tell we had children bringing in fossils and books all about dinosaurs, the children were so engaged in this topic! In literacy we have been writing facts files about dinosaurs and creating lost posters to help find Harry’s missing dinosaurs. In our home corner we have been to visit a dinosaur café and served food to the dinosaurs in the restaurant. In maths we have been learning how to find one more and one less than a number, as well as beginning to measure short periods of time in simple ways, the children have enjoyed timing each other to see how long it takes to complete an activity. The children have loved RuggerEds coming in this term and they have been working on tennis skills. We have been little artists this term and looked at the texture of a dinosaur’s skin and made paintings to show this by using bubble wrap. We have also created a lot of painting and collages along with painting and drawing Santa.

The children enjoyed the Pantomime and loved joining in, what a great first trip! I am so proud of how well the children performed their Christmas assembly. They all said their lines beautifully and sang very well! What a fantastic end to the school term with the School Disco! The children had a lovely time and were very excited to join in with all the fun games. Red class are definitely ready for the Christmas holiday. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!!