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Spring 1 - Superheroes

This term our topic has been Superheroes and in our home corner we have been creating our own super stories, using props and characters. In Literacy we have created our own superhero and villain and then wrote a story about their adventures. We also wrote and followed instructions to make a jam sandwich. We enjoyed a dough disco to flex our fingers ready for lots of writing!! In Design and Technology we designed and made our own pizza, in Art we looked at Pop Art created by Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein and made our own versions. On BATS day our grown-ups helped us to make a mask and shield for our superhero. In Numeracy we have been looking at fractions and using counters and play dough to find halves and quarters. In Science Year 1 experimented with materials to find which are magnetic, which are waterproof and which were the most absorbent, while Year 2 have been learning about recycling and testing the properties of materials. To complete our topic, we had ‘Superhero’ day! We made yummy crispy buns, used our pizza design to make a superhero pizza, we created our own superhero stories on the iPads and used the potatoes and other vegetables we had brought in to make our own ‘Supertato’. What a fun day we all had