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Autumn 2

What a great introduction to Blue Class for me!  The children have been amazing!  The fun has continued and the children have shown me just how great it is to be a member of Blue Class.  In literacy we have been using Christmas adverts to write our own stories, using drama, writing and editing skills to produce stories of quality.   We have discussed how it feels to be ignored, exploring feelings of anger, frustration and sadness just like our class character Jasmine.  We also had a fun lesson being judges in a talent show because our character was in a talent show herself.  We watched children singing on Britain’s Got Talent and gave them marks out of 5 with reasons for our scoring!  Blue class then wrote their own stories and I have to say they were fabulous!  The children even edited their stories just like a professional writer, finding and correcting spelling errors.  In maths the children have been using lots of base 10 to add and subtract numbers up to 100.  They have also been recognising coins and notes, counting, matching and finding totals of money.  They will be experts by the time we have finished.  I can see many of them being very good at counting their money when they become rich and famous!  Our history lessons have been all about how our planet has changed over time.  We have concentrated on climate change and how it has evolved over the years.  We created timelines of the causes of pollution and global warming.  Thank you for sending in their homework posters on Dojo, they were great!  During Science we have been finding out about animals including Humans.  We have looked at baby animals and their parents, matching characteristics that let us know which babies belong to which parents.  We were also lucky enough to be able to join Knowsley Safari Park for a virtual visit.  We listened to the expert rangers talk to us about the diet of various animals and we could ask them questions via the comments section of the screen.  The children really enjoyed themselves and did us all proud with their wonderful behaviour and interesting questions.  For out Design and Technology sessions we have been making ‘fake’ fossils out of clay.  The children looked at all sorts of different fossils and designed one of their own.  The clay was very tricky to work with and very messy but blue class managed very well.  In RE we explored the question, ‘Who is Jewish and how do Jewish people celebrate.’  We looked at special clothing and learned about Shabbat and the celebration of Hanukah.  We listened to the story of Hanukah, played the Dreidel game and tried special foods eaten at Hanukah. Delicious! We’ve been able to learn so much in the second half of the term that we’re now ready for a rest and maybe to join in celebrations of our own.  Have a fantastic break, eat, enjoy and have a restful end to 2020!   I can’t wait to see everyone again in 2021.  Take care and stay safe.