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We nurture, we thrive, we blossom.

Growth of every child.Respect by learning from each other.Opportunity for all.Wonder and curiosity.

Gilberts @Home

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Monday 20th July

Phonics scavenger hunt.

Find something in your house or garden for each of the sounds below:


Tuesday 21st July

Maths scavenger hunt.

  • Find something heavier than you.
  • Find something lighter than you.
  • Find something taller than you.
  • Find something shorter than you.
  • Find something full, empty and half full.
  • Find five 2D shapes (circle, square, triangle etc)
  • Find five 3D shapes (sphere, cube, pyramid etc)
  • Find and count in 5s to find all the fingers and toes in your house.
  • Find and count in 2s to count all your socks.
  • Find three clocks and see if you can tell the time.
  • Find five different coins or notes and name them.
  • Find 20 of something.

Silly Squad Summer Reading Challenge 2020

Derbyshire Libraries are supporting this year’s Summer Reading Challenge which is going digital – with events and activities happening online.

Children are invited sign up to the Silly Squad website where there will be lots of information, quizzes, resources and book suggestions for them to enjoy.

Locally Derbyshire County Council’s libraries will be joining the fun, throughout the summer, by offering online story times, mini book reviews and recommendations, a forum for sharing ideas and suggestions about books and a regular craft activity. 

The Silly Squad is a loveable group of madcap animals looking for fun and the aim is to encourage children and their families to have fun too, getting silly and reading anything that makes them happy.  That could be comics, joke books, poetry, fiction or non-fiction, in digital or print format, books they have at home or ebooks and eaudiobooks borrowed through Derbyshire Libraries online.

Find more information go to Derbyshire Libraries Facebook or Twitter or visit the Derbyshire Libraries website