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Summer 1

This term we had a very exciting start to the term. A dragon came into our school and left us some footprints and some dragon eggs! We were so excited.

Later in the term, we received a phone call from the police asking us to check the area as there had been reports of suspicious object in the area. We investigated the area and found an enormous egg. We made signs and warning posters to let people know to stay away from the egg, as well as creating maps to show people where the egg was.

In literacy this term, we have been using our phonics to write all about our dragons and describing what they are like, as well as drawing pictures and labelling them. We have listened to lots of different stories about dragons and have discussed dragons we are familiar with. We have been reading with our partners and discussing different stories as well as exploring tricky words. We have also explored pirates this term and we have been writing messages to place in a bottle to send to the pirates. We have made lots of treasure maps, marking them with an X so people can find where the treasure is hidden.

In maths this term we have been building number and looking at the counting patterns beyond 10 using 10 frame and various counting objects such as Numicon, loose parts and towers. We have been exploring 2D shapes and patterns, we explored how shapes can be combined and separated to make new shapes. We have also been learning about adding more by counting on and taking away by counting back.

This term we had a great Maths Day. We enjoyed reading the story ‘How Many Legs’ by Kes Gray. We explored adding animals’ legs together. Creating animals using loose parts and we even found some real mini-beasts to count their legs.

This term in PE we have been exploring using a bat and ball. We started off by working on holding the bat and balancing a bean bag. We then progressed onto balancing a ball. We enjoyed working in pairs to bat the ball to each other. We have also been taking part in SHAPE PE lessons which we have all enjoyed.

We have been little musicians this term and we have explored how to play instruments loud, quiet and in different ways.

We have been artist this term and we have made different art work using the loose parts. We create a castle and work as a team to decorate it. We also used the clay this term to create our own dragon, once they had dried we painted them.