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Breakfast Club

Magic Breakfast

Whittington Moor Nursery and Infant Academy is proud to be in partnership with Magic Breakfast, providing healthy breakfasts to our children so that they are settled and ready to learn.


Magic Breakfast provides Whittington Moor with nutritious breakfast food to ensure our children start their school day in the best possible way. Breakfast gives children the energy needed for the busy school morning, enabling them to focus on their learning. Here at Whittington Moor, we are committed to ensuring no child is too hungry to learn.


Whittington Moor’s Magic Breakfast Offer:

  • Breakfast Club

Brief Description: Every morning, the day begins in the hall with a selection of breakfast food to choose from.  Children may sit with their friends, socialise, talk, read, take part in an activity and get ready to start a day of learning. There is always the choice of a freshly prepared bagel or bowl of cereal each day.  There is also a selection of fruit, juice and water. This is supervised by members of our own staff, at the cost of £4 per child.
All we ask is that parents complete the necessary paperwork and pay the fee the week before.  Please speak to the school office for more details. 

Venue: School Hall

Time: 7:30am-9:00am


  • Classroom Breakfast/Bagels

Brief Description: We intend to serve a Classroom Breakfast provision in our 4 classrooms every day from 8.55-9.10am, these will be prepared and delivered to the classrooms.  The children will arrive and be offered a bagel, cereal or fruit and eat this in their classrooms.

Venue: Classrooms

Time: 8:55am-9:10am


For more information on the Magic Breakfast provision or to discuss the criteria for free places please contact the school office