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Summer 1

This term in Oak Class in English we have been using a non-fiction book about Singapore to find out about the weather and geography, we then used this as inspiration to create our own non-fiction writing about Chesterfield. We have also written a recount of our trip and wrote letters to Cavendish Junior school and even got to write these in pen!! In maths we have been focusing on fractions finding half, a third, a quarter and three quarters of a shape and of an amount. We have used different methods to find the answers. In geography we have been learning about Singapore, finding it on a map, comparing the buildings, the human and physical features and the lives of the children that live in Singapore compared with what it is like in Chesterfield. In science we have been learning about plants, recapping the parts and thinking about their functions, thinking about the needs of a plant and carrying out a fair test with seeds to see what happens if we take one if the needs away. In RE we have been learning about the festivals of Ramadan and Eid, how they are celebrated and comparing Eid with the Christian festival of Easter. In PSHE we have been talking about relationships, how families are all different, what happy and ‘worry’ secrets mean and what can we do if have a ‘worry’ secret and thought about problem solving techniques and how to use them in friendship issues. In computing we have looked at pictograms and tally charts to record information pictorially. In PE we have been using defending and attacking tactics and continuing to develop an understanding of the transition from defence to attack and have been working in teams to build trust and complete a range of different activities. In art have been mixing colours to create the secondary colours, looked at the foreground, middle ground and background and perspective when creating landscapes and then used what we had learnt to create a final piece.  Our artist of the term was Salvador Dali and we paired up a phone with another object to make an unusual pair and our music genres have been R ‘n’ B for April and Rock ’n’ Roll for May. The term we also had our special tea party to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles and we created flower paintings and made crowns. We also worked extremely hard when we completed our Year 2 SATS.