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Spring 2 - Plants

This term blue class have been looking in detail at the world of plants.


We have investigated the different conditions needed for cress seeds to grow well and carefully predicted and then recorded the results over one week.  We dissected lily flowers to examine the various parts including the stamen and the stigma.  We then wrote an explanation text on the life cycle of a dandelion plant.


We made flovoured iced cookies with plant flavourings rose, lavender and mint.  The mint flovour was the most popular.


We also experimented with different  coloured food dye in water pots containing celery sticks to show how water is sucked up through the stems to the leaves.


In art we painted observational pictures of Spring daffodils and as part of maths investigated lines of symmetry in various flowers. We then created symmetrical patterns on Easter eggs.


On World Book Day we enjoyed dressing up as various book characters.  Our book theme in blue class was Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl.  We plotted a map of the three farms and Mr. Fox`s tree on squared grid paper together with compass points.