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Autumn 2 - Lost World

This term our theme was ‘Lost World’ and we have been finding out about Dinosaur through the question – ‘When did the dinosaurs live?’ We started off our topic by discovering dinosaurs had been and messed up school. Our home corner has been a dinosaur discovery and information centre and we have had a range of non-fiction books to help us research about the different kinds of dinosaurs as well as rocks for us to use tools on to discover in any fossils are inside. In Art we drew dinosaurs and then each week we learnt how to use shades, tones, pattern and texture to improve our drawing and then drew the dinosaur again the results were amazing. In Science we learnt about animals including humans and dinosaurs through labelling the parts of the body and discovering what they eat and what a carnivore, herbivore and omnivore eat. In History we created a timeline with different events on including when the dinosaurs lived, we learnt about different evidence to prove dinosaurs existed and who Mary Annings is. We finished off our theme on dinosaurs with an exciting workshop from Dinostar where the children got to see and touch real and replica dinosaur eggs, bones and fossils and then got to make their own fossil to keep. In Literacy lessons we wrote letters to our class dinosaur and to Father Christmas and learnt how to use question marks when writing questions. We learnt how to make a list when writing what we need for a dinosaur adventure and looked at the key features of non-fiction books. We also wrote instructions for others to know how to look after our class dinosaur. In numeracy, we have looked at addition and subtraction, place value to 20 and 2D and 3D shape. A very busy end of the term saw us go to the Panto, have our Christmas class assembly, sing carols at the church, have Christmas lunch, a Christmas craft day and the Christmas disco. We will all be ready for a rest in the holidays!