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Growth of every child.Respect by learning from each other.Opportunity for all.Wonder and curiosity.

Spring 1

What another fantastic term in Birch Class! In literacy we focused on the following books; Ruby’s Worry, The Rainbow Fish and Where the Wild Things Are. The children are really enjoying seeing Granny Fantastic and the fabulous words she helps us learn and use in our literacy.

In maths we have continued to look at subitising, counting in order, grouping of numbers and finally how numbers are composed. We have focused on the numbers 1-5 and looking at the concept of 5 and a bit e.g. 6 = 5 + 1.

In our understanding the world lessons, we have been learning all about the different seasons and how our environment changes depending on what the season is. We have been lucky with the weather, which has allowed us to experiment with how water can change from a liquid into solid – ice. The children collected various items from around the playground. We put them in some water and then crossed our fingers and hoped for a cold night. The children really enjoyed the whole process, especially when the got to break the ice the next day!

In RE, we learnt about how the world was created and what Christians and Muslims believe about the creation of the world. We have also continued working on our Personal, Social and Emotion development through circle times and stories. We’ve explored lots of different topics including; what our dreams and goals are, how we can overcome obstacles and what job we might like to do in the future.

In PE we have continued to learn about why it is important to have rules in a game and why we need to follow them. The children have really enjoyed all the different games we have played in our PE lessons, especially sharks and fishes. We then explored jumping and hopping in a variety of ways; in different directions, at different speeds and different levels.

Finally, we had our bedtime story event where we stayed at school and got our pyjamas on, shared a bedtime story and enjoyed a delicious hot chocolate.