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Summer 2 - Roots, Shoots and Magic Beans

The final term in Yellow Class and our topic has been Roots, Shoots and magic Beans. In Literacy we focused on the story Jack and the Beanstalk and have rewrote the traditional tale as well as creating our own versions. We thought about what we would do if we had a magic bean and created our own colourful magic beans. We also used non-fiction texts to find out about plants and record plant facts. In topic and art we found out about the artists Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet and Andy Goldsworthy who all use living and natural things in their art and we made our own versions inspired by them. As the hot weather came in Design and Technology we made our own ice lollies yum, yum! In Numeracy we have been working on recapping lots of work throughout the year while Year 2 went outside to compare the size of the plants and trees Year 1 investigated 3D shapes using marshmallows. In Science we have all planted beans and cress and kept growing diaries and measured the plants as they grew and carried out a test to see the perfect conditions for the cress to grow and the importance of water and sunlight. We had a super time on our trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park and enjoyed seeing all the animals and even got to hold the giant snails and the hissing cockroaches. A busy term to finish the year and a big well done to all of Yellow Class for your hard work. Enjoy the summer.