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Autumn 1

During this first half of the Autumn term we have been learning all kinds of things! 

In PSHE we have been discussing our place in class.  Understanding our rights and responsibilities as part of the group.  We have looked at a class charter and agreed to abide by the rules set out.


In English we have been writing instructions about how to make a chocolate cake and a jam sandwich.  To do this we had to make them ourselves in order to understand the process.  We had great fun eating them too!


In maths we have been working on place value, specifically counting correctly forwards and backwards as well as being able to identify amounts in a group and 1 more/1 less.


In science we have been looking at our body parts and identifying where they are on our bodies.  We have also looked at our 5 senses thinking about how they are useful to us for good reasons as well as for signalling danger!  We have also thought about what can and can't be done without a particular sense, e.g. being sightless or hearing impaired.  We really enjoyed all of the 'sweet, salt, sour and bitter' taste testing!


In PE we have been doing gymnastics and linking this to moving certain body parts.  We also played attack and defence games, understanding what it means to 'attack' and 'defend' as well as learning skills to help us attach and defend well.


In Geography we have been learning all about the UK and the countries, capital cities, national flowers, patron saints and flags to go with them.


In Art we have been sketching lines, patterns, shading and hatching.  Our artist of the term was Henri Matisse and we created our own versions of his snowdrops art by doing our own 'Painting with Scissors' collages.  And in music we enjoyed playing the glockenspiels and learning new songs as well as the songs and poems for Harvest festival.  Our music genres have been Pop music in September and Jazz in October




Exploring our body parts and 5 senses in Science

Gymnastics - Balancing, moving using a wide or narrow, big or small body.

Baking Chocolate Cakes in Cups