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Growth of every child.Respect by learning from each other.Opportunity for all.Wonder and curiosity.

Spring 1- Stomp! Stomp!

It has been a super busy term with lots of exciting learning. We started off by discovering Dinosaur footprint in the garden which led us onto our topic of dinosaurs. We found an egg and watched it hatch to find a baby dinosaur inside. We have been exploring Dinosaur books including non-fiction.

We have been practising our reading by matching captions to the pictures and developing our understanding of teen numbers. A special visitor came to give us a talk on road safety and we are able to talk about how to cross the road carefully. We have also learnt how to program Beebots forwards and backwards.

Towards the end of the term we learn about Chinese New Year and enjoyed tasting some Chinese food including noodles and prawn crackers.

To finish off we have had several sessions of balance bikes where we learnt how to develop our co- ordination and even have a go at riding with pedals. We loved it and went to a balance bike festival in the end to celebrate with all the different schools.