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Summer 1

During Summer term 1 we have been focusing on food and learning more about our locality.  We have been learning about a significant person from our locality, (Olave Baden Powell) who was a great leader of the Girl Guide Association and was born in Chesterfield.  We used our internet safety and research skills to find out more about the life of Olave B-P.  We learned lots about the Scouts and Guides and this led us to begin projects that would take us outside (whenever we could).  In literacy, we started writing instructions on how to make bird feeders and used this knowledge to make bird feeders of our own in D&T.  This also linked nicely to our PSHE topic of being healthy as we were also able to discuss how to keep our garden birds healthy as well as ourselves.  In Science, we began to look at habitats within our locality and focused on our school garden.  We looked at various producers, consumers and decomposers and took part in a bug survey to calculate how many examples of different species we could find.  In Art, we looked at the work of Claude Monet and constructed our own water lilies using his brush stroke techniques.  In maths we have been measuring around our school environment and learning how to share into equal groups.  This always helps us to share out snack!  In music we have been looking at Rock n Roll.  We have learned all about 'The King' and many other artists of the era.  We have discussed instruments that were used in the Rock n Roll songs as well as comparing songs and artists, picking favourite examples.  We have also been fortunate enough to be involved in PE sessions run by 'Shape' (an outside PE provider).  We have learned lots of multi-skills games and have worked together brilliantly in teams.