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Summer 1 - Habitats

This term our class topic has been all about habitats.  We have also taken our Maths, Reading, Grammar and Spelling Key Stage One tests.


In Science lessons we have spent lots of time outside in the school grounds investigating different habitats of plants and animals.  We have used photographs, diagrams, tally charts and Venn diagrams to record and investigate the information we discovered.


In I.C.T we have learnt how to create branching databases on different animals and their preferred habitats.


In art and design we have looked at the Victorian  Arts and Crafts artist William Morris.

We have designed our own wallpaper using repeating nature designs (flowers, birds and animals).  We also looked at the illustrator Korky Paul.  We read his biography and painted pictures of underwater habitats in his style  after looking at his illustrations in the book The Fish Who Could Wish.


The piano tuner,  Mr. Clarke,  came to tune the school piano. We enjoyed watching him take the front off the piano and use the tuning fork.  He told us lots of interesting facts about the piano.  For example he told us that the piano was called pianoforte after the Italian words  for loud, soft.