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Autumn 1 - Superheroes

This term blue class topic has been all about Super heroes!


We began by looking in detail at ourselves.  Working with a partner we used  tape measures to measure our height, the circumference of our head and the length of our arms in centimetres.  We used a ruler to measure our handspan and palm of our hand.

We investigated our five sense organs – touch, taste, sight, hearing, smell - outside in the playground.    In literacy we enjoyed reading the Funnybones skeleton stories and wrote skeleton stories of our own.   In music we sang lots of songs based on skeletons like The Skeleton Stomp worked out our own actions to go with the music.

In P.E we have been exercising our bodies and learning tennis skills with the Rugger Eds Team.

In history we have been investigating  the lives of local  super heroes like Florence Nightingale.  We also looked the lives of Queen Elizabeth 1 and Queen Elizabeth 11.  We made our own collages of Queen Elizabeth 11 to celebrate her becoming the world`s longest reigning monarch.  Billy took Gilbert Bear to the enactment of the Battle of Hastings and wrote about it for us all to read in Gilbert`s diary.

After the harvest festival Year Two enjoyed taking the harvest donations to the elderly people in the bungalows near the school.