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Autumn 1 - Twisted Tales

What a fantastic start to the year in blue class! The topic for this half term was ‘Twisted Tales’ and we had lots of fun exploring this together. In literacy we looked at re-telling a twisted tale, making predictions, making and developing our own character and finally writing our own twisted tale. In science we explored lots of different materials and tried to find out what would be best to build a house for ‘The Three Little Wolves’. In DT we tried to build a house from our own design, trying to make it stand up against the force of the ‘Big Bad Pig’. In geography we helped Snow White find her way around New York, looking at the differences in buildings, climate and population compared to Chesterfield. In history we explored jazz music from the 1920’s and compared it to jazz music today. We had lots of fun trying to listen out for the different instruments in the different pieces of music. Also, in DT we had fun baking rice crispy buns, so that the villains wouldn’t wants to try and eat us! In art and design we made posters to advertise our bake sale and designed our own twisted tale character in detail. On the carpet we explored using the Lego to build skyscrapers, bake sale stands and houses for our characters to live in. Finally, we had BATS day where we designed a setting for our character to live in. We had lots of fun using the different materials and colours to make it stand out from the others. This half term has been packed full of fun! Wow, we’re ready for a break now!