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Autumn 2 - Seasons

This term Blue class topic has been about seasons and seasonal events.

In History we investigated the events of the Gunpowder Plot.  We found out that some of the plotters had connections to Derbyshire.  We also worked on events related to Remembrance Sunday.  In class we each made a poppy wreath and took one of them to the cross at New Whittington where we held a minutes silence.


In Science we have been recording the events of the changing season - making notes of the changes; for example  when we first saw a bare tree,when ice formed on the cars and on the pavements around school and when the daylight became shorter at the end of the day.


In Maths we have undertaken lots of practical work on measuring. We have measured the changing temperature outside and amount of rainfall. We have been measuring the height of an amaryllis plant growing in our classroom and recording our findings over time. It has now flowered and looks beautiful. We have also started learning our 2,5 and 10 times tables and worked on money.


As part of the Christmas activities we have talked about the meaning of Advent and made Christingles out of oranges. Our class assembly has been Baboushka - a Christmas folk tale from Russia. The children enjoyed playing instruments, dressing up and performing it to parents, carers and the rest of the school.