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Autumn 2 - Jurassic Park

Curriculum Plan - Autumn 2 - Jurassic Park

We have enjoyed another fantastic half term in blue class! With a destructive start to the term with an actual dinosaur destroying Gilberts, this gave the children a real sense of excitement to explore all about dinosaurs. In literacy the children made fact files all about their favourite dinosaurs, which required a lot of reading and sourcing information. They also wrote instructions on how to look after our class dinosaur ‘Messy’. Also, in literacy we have been writing our own winter/Christmas poem, which are full of imagination. In history we explored all of the dinosaur periods and found out what dinosaurs lived when. We found out that we are closer in time to a T-Rex than the T-Rex was to a Stegosaurus. We also looked at some amazing discoveries by famous people in history, such as Jack Horner. Blue class were extremely inquisitive in the DinoStar workshop that came to visit Gilberts and asked many questions and definitely learned a lot. In science we compared dinosaurs with animals today to see how different they really were. We also compared dinosaurs to humans to see if we could survive in the Mesozoic era. In design technology the children worked extremely hard in making their own fossils. They created an original design and over the term, they have evaluated and improved this to make an outstanding final product. On top of all this fantastic learning blue class attended the Remembrance Day service in Chesterfield and they created their own poppy wreath. Blue class behaved exceptionally well and were a fantastic example for Gilbert Heathcote school. We had a great day fundraising for children in need, a fantastic time at the winter fair, enjoyed Christmas dinner, had a fantastic time at the pantomime (oh yes, we did!), blue class performed their wonderful Christmas play whilst raising money for save the children on Christmas jumper day, made some wonderful crafts and finally got us all in the Christmas spirit with the carol concert! What a jam packed half term! We’re all ready for some time to relax. Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year, see you in January!