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Growth of every child.Respect by learning from each other.Opportunity for all.Wonder and curiosity.

Autumn 1

This term we have been very busy settling into Yellow class, with new friends and a slightly different classroom setup. In literacy we used the book ‘Jack and the Jellybeans’ to support our writing. We used our new Fantastic symbols to write about what we could see, hear, smell, taste and touch at school as well as thinking about what the characters might think or ask. In maths we have covered place value to 10, writing and recognising numbers, one more and one less than a number, ordinal number and have just begun to use wholes and parts to split numbers. In Science we focused on materials, naming them, saying what they feel like and their properties and used different materials to explore how we could use them in different ways. In Geography we discussed and sorted the differences between cities and towns and villages and the countryside, focusing on what we might see in all of these places. We discovered what human and physical geography is and what we would see different in a coastal location. In Art we painted pictures of characters and thought about the colours we needed and began to mix different colours we needed. In DT we looked at how to make objects move using different mechanisms such as levers, sliders and wheels. In RE we looked at the region Christianity and in PSHE we covered the theme TEAM – together everyone achieves more.