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Summer 1

Wow! Looking back at all the photos from this term, has reminded me of how super busy we have been in Birch Class! In literacy, we focused on the following books; If Sharks Disappeared, The Snail and the Whale and Chocolate Cake. We have been working really hard on our writing this term and Miss Aitken and I are so proud of how much progress the children have made. They have done some non-fiction writing about the ocean, been writing a recount about a holiday and finally written instructions on how to make a marvellous chocolate mug cake.

In maths, the children continued to engage with activities that focuses their attention to the purpose of counting – to find out ‘how many’ objects there are. The children have also revisited the concept of cardinality – the idea that the last number in the count tells us how many things there are altogether. They have also continued develop their subitising skills, we have been encouraging the children to consider when they can subitise and when they might need to use counting as a strategy.

In our understanding the world lessons, we have been learning about the different parts and life cycle of a plant. We also explored the different kinds of homes we live in and compared these to homes in other countries.  

In RE, we have explored the topic of special places. We thought about and identified where was special to us and why and then looked at the special places for Christians and Muslims; a church and a mosque. We have also continued working on our Personal, Social and Emotion development through circle times and stories. We’ve explored lots of different topics this term including; how to make friends, how to solve friendship problems when they occur, show respect in how we treat others, know how to help themselves and others when they feel upset and hurt and know and show what makes a good relationship. In PE our focus this term was on ball skills and using their hands to throw underarm and over arm, catch, aim and roll a ball accurately. In our music lessons, we have enjoyed learning how to move to music and how to play an instrument to represent an action in a story. We chose The Gruffalo as our musical story performance.