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Whittington Moor Nursery and Infant Academy

Whittington MoorNursery and Infant Academy

We nurture, we thrive, we blossom.

Growth of every child.Respect by learning from each other.Opportunity for all.Wonder and curiosity.

Visions and Values

 Vision Statement:

We Nurture, We Thrive, We Blossom.



Mission Statement:

A Working together to provide a secure, happy and stimulating learning environment where each child can

Growth..... of every child.

Respect....... by learning from each other.

Opportunity........ for all.

Wonder .......and curiosity


develop to his/her full potential.


At Whittington Moor our school aims are for our children are to GROW:


Growth…… of every child

Our children’s achievements and special talents will be recognised and encouraged


Respect…… by learning from each other

Our children will develop respectful and caring relationships with all members of the school community


Opportunity……..for all

Our children will have the opportunity to be the best they can be


Wonder………and curiosity

Our children will experience awe and wonder through child centred playful learning opportunities which focuses on the development of key life skills


We will achieve this in a safe environment in which all children will feel secure


At Whittington Moor we also encourage our children to make the right behaviour choices and work hard to meet all of the criteria of our school rules


  • We listen to people
  • We are gentle,
  • We are honest; we don’t cover up the truth
  • We are kind and helpful
  • We work Hard
  • We look after our property


Within each year group, as Children demonstrate consistency in meeting these Rules, they receive a special class badge which are rewarded within our Achievement Assembly. There is opportunity for the children to receive one of these badges each year