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Autumn 1

This term in Maple Class in English at the start of the term we looked at The Train Ride by June Crebbin. We read about how a child had taken a train ride with their parent and saw lots of lovely things through the window, eventually going to meet gran at the end of the journey. We then wrote our own version thinking about who we would go with, what we would see and who we would meet at the end of the journey. Then we read about Black History Month and learned about 2 inspiring black women in sport Wilma Rudolf and Florence Griffith Joyner.  We have been writing a biography for Florence based on all of the information we have researched about her.  In maths we have looked at place value to 10 and addition. We are already adding 2 numbers together and thinking about all of the bonds that make up various numbers.  We have also been making fact families using addition in various ways.  In geography we have been learning about the UK and which countries and capital cities can be found there.  We have also been looking at lots of different features that make England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland unique, (including...flags, national flowers, food, dress, landmarks and Patron Saints Days) In science we have been looked at the human body parts and 5 human senses. We have explored different smalls, tastes and textures., as well as finding out what we can identify just by sound and small alone.  We also investigated what it would be like to be without our sense of sight with Braille, blind football and blind target aiming.  We also looked at the different ways we can identify autumn. We looked at how nature changes in autumn including leaves changing and falling, weather changes and how animals behave in autumn. In RE we have been learning about who is a Christian and what do Christians believe. In computing we have been learning all about technology and information technology and the difference between the two.  We have been learning about different parts of a computer and what different keys do on a laptop keyboard.  We have also been learning about online safety and what we need permission for when going online.  In PSHE we have been talking about our learning charter, our rights and responsibilities and the rewards and consequences we might face. In PE we have been working on linking wide, narrow and curled movements in gymnastics and in games learning what attackers defenders do to win games and  and in music enjoyed using maracas to find the pulse (beat) of the songs and learning new songs as well as the songs and poems for Harvest festival. Our artist of the term was Wassily Kandinsky and we created our own versions of his concentric circles  by drawing the circles and colouring them in a variety of colours. Our music genres have been Pop music in September where we listened to Ed Sheeran, Michael Jackson, ABBA and The Beatles and in October we listened to Jazz including Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis and Ella Fitzgerald.