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Letter from the Chair of the Cavendish Learning Trust

Dear Parent / Carer,                                                                                             


Re:  Update regarding the academies within the Cavendish Learning Trust.


I hope that this letter finds you and your families well and that you have been able to keep safe during this very difficult period.


The academies within the Cavendish Learning Trust have worked extremely hard through the lock down period to follow the guidance given by the Government, in order to support identified key worker children in school alongside other children whilst they have not been able to attend school.


We have recently re-opened all of our academies to the wider designated year groups and the Trustees have been meeting weekly to ensure that all of the preparation and planning has been completed in line with the guidance given.  I am extremely proud of the way that all staff across the Trust have pulled together to get the schools ready for the wider reopening.


Unfortunately, some of the children will not return before the summer break and whilst this is disappointing for them, I know that the staff within the schools are continuing to review the provision in place for these children, so that they can still learn remotely.  This will continue to be monitored by the Trustees.


We need to ensure that our schools are ready to open in September. We need our staff to be fully refreshed, as there will no doubt continue to be many new challenges to be faced. It is important they have a good break. We are working closely with the local authority and are happy to make our buildings available to any groups who wish to provide summer experiences for our children. 


I am sure you will agree with us that our staff deserve their holiday, so that we can start in September in good spirits.


Yours sincerely


Barbara Walsh

Chair of the Trust Board