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Collection of Reports

Due to current social distancing measures we are adapting the way you will receive your child's school report this year.

You will be able to collect the reports from outside the school on the playground at the times and dates listed below. It is important that you collect at the correct time. If the playground appears busy you will be asked to wait outside the school. Once you have collected the report you MUST LEAVE IMMEDIATELY. You will not be allowed to collect any other child's report and only one parent per child allowed. Staff will be adhering to social distancing and will not be available to engage in lengthy conversations. 

If your child is currently attending school then their report will be sent home with them. You will need to bring a strong bag as you will also be receiving your child's books. Please return your child's reading book and word box when you come to collect the report. There will be boxes available for you to place them in.


Year 2 with surnames A-J- Tuesday 14th July 1:30pm-2pm


Year 2 with surnames K-W- Tuesday 14th July 2:10-2:40pm


Year 1- Wednesday 15th July- 1:30-2:00pm


Reception-Wednesday 15th July 2:10-2:40pm


Nursery- Thursday 16th July 1:30-2pm


 Thank you 

Miss Kay